Wednesday, November 30, 2011

True Friends Never Part

When Elva asked me to photograph her wedding I was thrilled not only was it the first of my friends weddings to shoot but I knew it would be something a little bit different! This bride and groom had their first kiss at the sweet age of twelve and danced their first dance as husband and wife in colourful vans trainers to 'true friends never part'. I met Ross early for a Turkish shave or at least a trim and a good laugh (see those pics on the Bronté facebook) and Elva at her Mum's house where even her dog got its moment to shine.Their evening ceremony was beautiful and after dark we shot their vintage inspired images in the pretty gazebo. This quirky couple didn't let the fact that the heavens decided to open put a dampner on things, sparklers still sparked and fire dancers still danced and after the evening guest arrived a fantastic party and celebration was had. Congratulations Elva and Ross. x

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