Sunday, September 2, 2012

Scrabble, Zombies & Tulips, just some of their favorite things

Jasper and Christine wanted a wedding like no other so they themed their wedding 'a few of our favorite things'. It was fitting that Christine had tulips for her bouquet as Jasper was Dutch. Their love of scrabble, zombies, music, holidaying & cake was a few of the things that ran throughout their lovely day, featuring on the table plan and in their civil ceremony. This quirky couple placed in a wooden box  letters each of them had written describing their love for each other and along with a bottle of wine, nailed it shut until there may come day in the future that they might quarrel. Then the box should be opened, each go their separate way and read the other ones letter and then come back drink the wine and decide their future. Lovely little details like this were featured along the day, wooden hearts were placed at every table with a pen to write a personal message to them which they would then put every heart into a frame to hang in their home as a reminder of their wedding day. Christine's dad made them a wishing well to place cards and well wishes into & Christine even pledged in their ceremony to even love and hold Jasper even in a case of a  Zombie apocalypse. 

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