Friday, July 29, 2011

Long-grass, Little Ladies & their cherished Lola

This is what Summer hazy days are made of, hammocks, sunshine, swings & pillow fights. Mum Miriam wanted to capture her beautiful girls and catch their youthful spirit in time before their wonder years pass in a twinkle of an eye. We had no amateurs even Lola (the dog) loved the camera, the girls faces lit up with glee as I was snap happy.

Balloon's, Kisses & Giggles

Gabby & Ryan were a joy to photograph, full of smiles, laughter & ideas. They both got immersed  in the shoot loving every minute. It was a day of colourful love, Gabby wanted to capture the natural bond between mother and son so we took some timeless pictures of Gabby breastfeeding her beautiful baby boy. Gabby & Ryan's shoot was a present from her friend so that she could send her precious memories home to her family in Czechoslovakia.