Monday, August 13, 2012

Fields of Joy in Summerhill

Everything about this wedding was not only elegant but a bit of fun too. We arrived early to Stacey's family home, a beautiful old townhouse in the middle of Summerhill village. There we found an array of matching pink pj's, all the Field sisters hair in rollers and glasses of moet in hand. The house made for a lovely vintage backdrop for the getting ready photographs, were I captured the laughter and merriment of the ladies as well as the smiles of the family dog. After a lovely ceremony in their local church, Stacey & Davoc had a few fun photographs in front of Davoc's brother's big red truck! The couple even had time to stop for a drink in 'john Shaw's' pub and then through a fast food drive thru before heading to the stunning Cabra Castle for the reception. This was a special place for Davoc to get married as paintings of his ancestors hung on the wall in the great room, where we took the Pratt & Fields family portraits. Although the weather had taken a turn for the worse, Stacey & Davoc didn't let it dampen their spirits as we had lots of grand locations like the staircase in Cabra castle for their photographs. Congratulations Stacey & Davoc x

Bronté's First Engagement Shoot

Joanne & Jonathan were understandably nervous about their big day photographs so I suggested we have a trial run for them to feel more comfortable in front of the camera. After a chat and some tea the couple felt more at ease in my presence and when I produced the camera they didn't freeze as they usually would. We tried out a few different poses, used some props and also I got them both to just have fun so I could capture them naturally. On the day of the wedding Jonathan was eager to try out  'The Movie Kiss'! The couple loved their engagement photos so much we made it into a guest book of good wishes for their wedding day. Photos of their book to follow. If you would like a trial run for your wedding or perhaps you would like a sneaky photographer to capture your actual proposal please get in touch :)

Below - ' The Movie Kiss '